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We were hot before downtown Cincinnati became the place to be. Steaming, even. It was 2007; the recession sucked the life out of Cincinnati– and America for that matter. After imbibing at a local bar, the young man who would become the founding father of Gilpin’s, realized there weren’t many open restaurants downtown afterhours. He went on a quest to fix this and his story, not unlike many successful business stories, started with his departure from a cushy corporate job and a wobbly walk into the restaurant business… knowing nothing. But, after a year of research, hard work and nights brainstorming on his mother’s couch to save money; the doors of Gilpin’s swung open.

Downtown was lifeless. At that time in ‘08, people didn’t want to open restaurants and investors didn’t want to invest in Cincinnati. What were we thinking, you ask? Well, we knew that in order for a city to be a livable city there had to be food available at all hours. We believed in Cincinnati when only a few others did. And now, people aren’t afraid to take a wrong turn downtown; they’re looking around those same corners to find an amazing hidden bar. We could see the vision. Though times were tough, we owed it to the city to try.

Much like the city, we’ve evolved over time. Steamed sandwiches, which originated on subs in Tennessee, have been popular on college campuses since the 40’s. But, we decided to take our food to an entirely new level. We gave our sandwiches a Cincinnati-bred, rich German heritage taste by putting everything on pretzel rolls. We revolutionized steamed eats and moved from serving only deli sandwiches to figuring out a way to steam cook our pulled pork. We’ve even created new flavor concoctions and sauces that can’t be achieved with conventional cooking methods and we’re not quite done innovating yet. We’ll probably never be done.

Sure, we’ve won awards… we have won Best of Cincinnati awards for our sandwiches, Best Burger, Best Late Night Restaurant and were inducted into the city’s restaurant hall of fame just to name a few; but what we truly enjoy is making our customers happy! When we see someone’s eyes light up the first time they try Gilpin’s and then try to mumble words to tell their friends at the table how great the food is, that is our true “Best of Award.”

What’s Steam?

Cooking process w/ steam used by Gilpin’s to bring out flavors in a variety of foods, which are typically dried out during conventional baking & toasting preparation.

Best Of

Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati Enquirer City Beat, The News Record

“Must Try Cincinnati Restaurant” “Food Hall of Fame” “Best on Bread” “Best Sandwich” “Best Burger” “Best Delivery Option Late”

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